Listing MGMT


Below are excerpts of our listing management task list…

*please note – we realize every business is different and have systems in place to customise our task lists as it best serves your business*

…listing management

  • upload the listing agreement into dotloop
  • verify all signatures, attain missing signatures & initials
  • create case processing sheet
  • order photos
  • order signpost installation
  • tour property & install rider and lockbox/combo box (Northern VA only)
  • add listing to MLS, upload photos to MLS
  • schedule service providers
  • order marketing materials
  • communicate transaction details to all parties, as necessary
  • coordinate just listed postcards
  • monitor & collect showing feedback
  • more!

*please note that listing management and seller contract to close are two separate services with two separate fees, both are $350 each*

**Services are $350 each and you don’t pay us until you close… this means that if you don’t close, you don’t pay us, so, its also in OUR best interest to work hard to get you to closing!**

***in addition to listing management, we also provide transaction management and admin services to help you setp up and maintain organization in your business… this service requires a personal consultation which will be followed up with a proposal and fee estimate for your approval**

TO GET STARTED, please reserve a time on Lori’s calendar for a FREE consultation!